Blue is actually a pretty cool shade

We have come to associate blue with the color of sadness, but it doesn’t have to stay that way forever. Blue is actually a pretty cool shade. It can be fun, elegant, or bold. With the right twist, blue can even be the most eye-catching color ever. It might not be as popular as classic colors such as neutrals, pinks, and red, but it’s just as gorgeous.

Blue is the color of royalty.

You can go for the Ice Queen look with pale pastel blue and a matte finish. For something more glamorous, add silver and glitter to the mix. But blue can also look pretty in the summertime, especially on hot scorching days when you need something chill. You can rock your manicure in a fun and bold way with deeper shades that remind you of the ocean. So if blue is your favorite color, this list is for you.

There are endless ways to rock blue manicures. But before you fall into the Internet’s rabbit hole, check out this list. We have gathered some of the best blue nail designs here to save you your precious time. Save these ideas to your phone cause they’re just too pretty to be ignored!