40+ Gorgeous Holographic Nails That Are Simply Stunning

If you’ve followed any sort of social media trends recently, you’ve probably heard at least a little bit about holographic nails. From runway models to beauty bloggers to Fashion Week, it seems like everyone is rocking this dazzling new look. Holographic nails are almost intimidatingly popular, but you don’t have to break the bank (or a nail) to get this shimmering, glittering, glamorous style for yourself—with our list of fifty awesome holographic nails, you’ll be sure to find the perfect nail art design that fits the unique, creative style of the nail addict in you!

Holographic nail color comes from regular nail polish, with the addition of a special pigment, made up of microscopic reflective particles, that gives it that trademark sheen. After applying a base color or just a base layer to the nail, you can add a layer of the holographic pigment with a brush or a simple makeup applicator, and then brush off any extra pigment for that eye-catching, holographic look. Over the top of the powder, add another layer of clear sealing gel, and you and your nails will be ready to make a splash. They provide a memorable contrast to matte nails.

The holographic nail trend really came to the world’s attention when model Gigi Hadid rocked a chrome nail at the Met Gala, but it took off a while later on various social media sites and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Everyone loves the way their nails look in photos or just catching light out on the streets—with these fifty cute designs, you can choose one you like, or make it your own, so that you, too, will be ready to rock your own nail art for both long nail designs and short nail designs!

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