35 cool matte nail designs that will turn you into a beauty queen

Do you want your manicure to look ten times cooler in the blink of an eye? Try a matte finish. There is something so sophisticated and effortlessly chic about matte nails. These nails have the magic of making you feel like an ice queen or a boss, and we love this vibe! So if you’re looking for something that stands out or want to take a break from fancy glossy finishes, this list is for you.

Here are 30 cool matte nail ideas that will turn you into a beauty queen and satisfy your hunger for manicure inspiration. Some designs are simple, some are a little more detailed, and some are ultra glamorous. No matter what your style, there will be at least one of these designs that catches your eye.

Keep scrolling to see the trendiest and most beautiful matte nail designs. This list will save you from going down the Internet rabbit hole and wasting your time, so don’t skip it. If you see something you like, hit the Pin button so you can get more amazing beauty inspo in the future.

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