10 flame manicure designs to make your hands look ‘on fire’

Since before the summer began, acrylic nail designs with fire flame effects, in different colors and sizes, became a trend on Instagram.

So if the day of your retouching is about to arrive and you don’t know what design to capture on your nails, here are some fire nail ideas so that your hands look completely On fire for the rest of the summer.

1. Mix the flames with yellow and black

2. Some  subtle flames on a white base

3. Add heart-shaped details

4. Combine them with a pair of stars and Turkish eyes

5. Black and white combine with everything

6. They can be in pastel tones

7. In different colors on a glitter base

8. Or on a nude tone and a little longer

9. Until you reach more fluorescent tones

10. Glow in the dark

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