Rosy McMichael is a renowned makeup artist who has gained widespread recognition for her work in the beauty and fashion industry. With over 5 million subscribers on her Spanish language YouTube channel, RosyMcMichael, she has become a prominent figure in the makeup and beauty community. Rosy’s journey to fame is a testament to her diverse background and exceptional talents.

Before venturing into the world of makeup and YouTube, Rosy McMichael pursued higher education, earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration and finance from the University of Texas in Brownsville. Her academic achievements reflect her commitment to gaining a well-rounded education. Moreover, she holds a teaching certificate, which later played a significant role in her career.

Rosy’s professional journey took an unexpected turn when she transitioned from working as an executive in the international division of First National Bank to becoming a second-grade elementary school bilingual teacher. This career shift demonstrated her adaptability and passion for teaching. It was during this time that she honed her communication and instructional skills, which would prove invaluable in her future endeavors.

Rosy McMichael’s makeup career truly took off when she started sharing makeup tutorials and fashion content on her YouTube channel, RosyMcMichael. Her commitment to creating high-quality, informative, and engaging videos quickly earned her a substantial following. Her content resonated with Spanish-speaking audiences, and her dedication to her craft made her a go-to source for makeup enthusiasts.

In addition to her YouTube success, Rosy joined the Univision Creator Network, further solidifying her position as an influencer in the beauty and fashion industry. Her involvement in prestigious events like the NYX Cosmetics’ FACE Awards in 2012 and 2015, where she achieved Top 10 semifinalist and Top 6 finalist positions, respectively, showcased her talent and creativity in the makeup world.

One of Rosy’s most notable moments was her openness about her breast augmentation journey, which she documented in March 2019. This transparency resonated with her audience, as she not only shared beauty tips but also empowered individuals to make choices that enhanced their self-esteem.

Beyond her makeup artistry, Rosy McMichael has shown a diverse range of interests, including insurance, cars, real estate, and crypto in the US. This multifaceted approach to life reflects her curiosity and versatility, which contribute to her dynamic presence in the online world.

In conclusion, Rosy McMichael’s journey from a finance executive and elementary school teacher to a YouTube sensation and influential makeup artist is a testament to her adaptability, dedication, and commitment to empowering her audience. With a strong educational background and diverse interests, she continues to inspire millions through her YouTube channel, making her a prominent figure in the Spanish-speaking beauty and fashion community.


Chantel Jeffries, born on September 30, 1992, in Coronado, California, is a multifaceted personality who has made a name for herself in the realms of modeling, music, and social media. With her striking looks and vibrant personality, Chantel has become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Chantel’s journey to fame began when she signed with the prestigious Wilhelmina Modeling agency. This international agency is known for representing some of the biggest names in the fashion world. Her modeling career took her to numerous runways, photo shoots, and fashion campaigns, further establishing her as a sought-after talent.

However, Chantel Jeffries didn’t just gain recognition through her modeling career. She also became a subject of widespread media attention as the rumored girlfriend of pop sensation Justin Bieber. Her association with one of the most famous pop stars in the world thrust her into the spotlight, and she became a household name for her high-profile relationship.

In July 2016, Chantel decided to diversify her career and explore the world of music. Under the moniker “Ceejay the DJ,” she embarked on a new journey as a DJ and music artist. Her transition into the music industry was met with curiosity and anticipation. Chantel’s passion for music allowed her to create a distinct identity separate from her modeling and personal life, and she quickly gained a following in the music scene.

Before her rise to fame, Chantel Jeffries had been romantically linked with rappers Lil Twist and Justin Combs, the son of music mogul P. Diddy. These relationships added an additional layer of intrigue to her personal life, but Chantel managed to maintain her poise and grace amid the media’s scrutiny.

Chantel’s online presence has also played a significant role in her journey to stardom. She has amassed a substantial following on Instagram, where she regularly shares her glamorous photos, music updates, and snippets of her life. Her Instagram account boasts over 4.6 million followers, making her a social media sensation in her own right.

Beyond her entertainment career, Chantel Jeffries is also known for her diverse interests, which include insurance, cars, real estate, and cryptocurrency. This demonstrates her versatility and her willingness to explore various industries, making her a well-rounded and forward-thinking individual.

In the ever-evolving world of entertainment and social media, Chantel Jeffries continues to capture the attention of fans and followers. With her modeling career, foray into music, and her diverse interests, she remains a dynamic figure in the public eye, celebrated for her talents and accomplishments.

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