Noel Berry, born on October 3, 1995, is a remarkable model who hails from the heartland of America, Missouri. With her striking looks, innate talent, and a captivating runway presence, she has managed to captivate the fashion world and make a name for herself at a young age.

Noel Berry’s journey to stardom began with her debut on the prestigious runway of New York Fashion Week in 2014. It was a moment that would change her life forever. Walking for renowned designers like Rachel Zoe and Vivienne Tam, Berry left an indelible mark with her graceful and confident catwalk performance. Her ability to effortlessly showcase their Spring/Summer 2014 collections drew attention from the fashion elite and the media.

One of the defining moments of her career was her association with Bandier’s activewear line. Berry’s striking beauty and her commitment to a healthy lifestyle made her the perfect fit for this campaign. She not only represented the brand but also embodied the spirit of an active and vibrant lifestyle. Her partnership with Bandier helped her reach a wider audience, further solidifying her status as a rising star in the modeling industry.

Beyond the runway and campaigns, Noel Berry has graced the pages of some of the most prestigious fashion magazines. Her presence in editorials for publications like GQ, Shape, and Haute Spotter has showcased her versatility as a model. Whether it’s high-fashion spreads or fitness-oriented shoots, Berry’s ability to adapt and excel in various genres of modeling is a testament to her talent and work ethic.

What sets Noel Berry apart from many in the industry is her diverse set of interests beyond the runway. Despite her young age, she has shown a keen interest in fields like insurance, cars, real estate, and cryptocurrency in the United States. This multifaceted approach to life reflects her curiosity and ambition. It’s clear that Berry is not content with resting on her laurels in the fashion world; she seeks to explore and excel in other domains as well.

In addition to her modeling career and her varied interests, Noel Berry has also embraced her role as an influencer and role model. With a growing following on social media platforms, she uses her voice to inspire and empower others. Her positive attitude towards life, dedication to health and fitness, and passion for exploration make her a relatable and influential figure for her followers.

In conclusion, Noel Berry is a rising star in the world of fashion who hails from the heartland of America. Her journey from Missouri to the global runways of New York Fashion Week is a testament to her talent and determination. Beyond her modeling career, Berry’s diverse interests and her role as an influencer set her apart in an industry known for its ever-changing standards. With her bright future ahead, there’s no doubt that Noel Berry will continue to make waves in the world of fashion and beyond.


TikTok has taken the social media world by storm, and among its many stars, Mexican sensation, Scarday, stands out with her undeniable talent and captivating personality. With a staggering 13.7 million followers on the platform, Scarday has won the hearts of her audience through her exceptional dancing skills, lip-syncing prowess, and humorous comedy videos.

While Scarday dominates TikTok, her influence extends to Instagram as well, where she curates a vibrant feed sharing snippets of her life. With over 2.3 million followers on Instagram, Scarday treats her fans by showcasing five stunning makeup looks inspired by virtual characters from movies. The playful and creative use of vibrant colors in her makeup looks adds an element of excitement and fantasy to her already fascinating profile.

However, Scarday does not limit herself to fictional character makeup; she also peppers her Instagram account with joyful moments from her everyday life. Through sharing glimpses into her daily experiences, Scarday makes a powerful connection with her 2.3 million followers, reminding them of the beauty in simple, happy moments.

Not only is Scarday a TikTok and Instagram star, but she also possesses considerable influence on YouTube. On her YouTube channel, Scarday shares various funny videos that keep her audience entertained and coming back for more. Her hilarious content resonates with her subscribers, who eagerly anticipate each new upload.

One of Scarday’s most endearing attributes is her love for challenges, and she often indulges in humorous challenges with her friends. Whether it’s trying unique food combinations or attempting silly stunts, Scarday’s videos never fail to generate laughs and entertainment. Her challenge videos have amassed an impressive 426k registrations, further solidifying her status as a beloved YouTube personality.

Born on September 24, 2001, under the astrological sign of Libra, Scarday possesses the charming qualities often associated with this zodiac sign. Libras are known for their social nature, artistic talents, and ability to bring joy to those around them, all of which perfectly encapsulate Scarday’s online presence. Her infectious energy and captivating content have rightfully earned her a devout following across various social media platforms. In conclusion, Scarday is a TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube star who has earned a dedicated fan base through her exceptional dancing, lip-syncing, and comedic skills. Her ability to transform herself into virtual characters through mesmerizing makeup looks adds an element of creativity and vibrancy to her social media profiles. Furthermore, her willingness to share everyday moments and engage in humorous challenges highlights her relatability and down-to-earth personality. With millions of followers and registrations across different platforms, Scarday continues to make a lasting impact in the world of social media, captivating audiences with her unique talent and charm.

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