Joey King

Joey King is an immensely talented American actor who has garnered widespread acclaim in the entertainment industry. While she is known and celebrated for her incredible performances on screen, there are other aspects of her life that deserve recognition as well. Joey King’s interests in cars and real estate showcase her diverse passions beyond her artistic endeavors.

Firstly, let’s delve into Joey King’s love for cars. As a young woman with a successful career, she has developed a fascination for luxurious and high-performance vehicles. Like many individuals who appreciate the fine craftsmanship and engineering that goes into creating automobiles, King has shown a particular fondness for a few impressive cars.

One of her favorite cars is the iconic Porsche 911. Known for its sleek design and powerful performance, the Porsche 911 epitomizes the perfect balance of style and speed. Joey King has been spotted driving this classic sports car, showcasing her appreciation for timeless automotive excellence.

In addition to the Porsche 911, King has also expressed an affinity for the Tesla Model S. With its innovative electric technology, this car is both environmentally friendly and fast. Joey King’s interest in the Tesla Model S reflects her commitment to sustainability and her desire to support advancements in clean energy.

While her love for cars offers glimpses into Joey King’s personal hobbies, her achievements go far beyond her car collection. As an accomplished actor, King has also made significant investments in real estate, demonstrating her financial acumen and long-term vision.

Over the years, Joey King has acquired several properties, including a stunning mansion in Studio City, Los Angeles. This luxurious residence displays her affinity for beautiful architecture and design. With spacious rooms, breathtaking views, and state-of-the-art amenities, her real estate acquisitions reflect her success as a versatile and enterprising individual. Furthermore, Joey King’s interests in real estate extend beyond her personal acquisitions. Recently, she has also become involved in property development and investment. King has shown a keen eye for recognizing potential, as she has invested in various real estate projects across the country. Her involvement in this industry highlights her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to diversifying her financial portfolio. While Joey King is undeniably passionate about her acting career, her car collection and real estate ventures illustrate her multifaceted nature and her desire to explore diverse interests. As a young star in the entertainment world, King’s achievements extend beyond the realm of Hollywood and into the realms of personal fulfillment and financial success. In conclusion, Joey King is not just an extraordinary actor, but also an individual with a diverse range of passions. Her love for cars and her investments in real estate are testaments to her interests beyond her artistic pursuits. Whether it is behind the wheel of a high-performance sports car or making shrewd real estate investments, Joey King exhibits an unwavering commitment to excellence and a drive to push boundaries both on and off the screen.


Keke Lindgard, born on August 15, 1994, in the picturesque town of Kaaawa, Hawaii, is an American model who has made a significant mark in the fashion industry. With her striking looks and runway presence, Lindgard has walked for some of the most renowned international brands, solidifying her status as a sought-after model.

Lindgard’s journey in the world of fashion began when she signed with Wilhelmina Models in 2009. This marked the commencement of a promising career that would see her gracing the runways of some of the biggest names in the industry. In her debut year, she made a notable appearance at a Rag & Bone show, setting the stage for what would be a remarkable career trajectory.

One of Lindgard’s standout moments was her participation in the Christian Dior couture show in 2010. Walking for a prestigious brand like Dior is a testament to her modeling prowess and the recognition she gained within the fashion community. This pivotal moment undoubtedly propelled her into the spotlight, opening doors to numerous opportunities with other high-profile fashion houses.

Lindgard’s resume boasts an impressive list of achievements, including runway appearances for DKNY and Victoria’s Secret, two giants in the fashion industry. Her versatility as a model is further highlighted by her involvement in print ad campaigns for esteemed brands such as Gucci, IFTF, and Ralph Lauren. These collaborations not only showcase her modeling skills but also demonstrate her appeal to a diverse range of fashion audiences.

Beyond the world of fashion, Keke Lindgard has shown a multifaceted interest in various sectors. Her curiosity extends to insurance, real estate, cars, and even the burgeoning realm of cryptocurrency in the United States. This broad spectrum of interests suggests a well-rounded individual with a keen business acumen, indicating that Lindgard is not just a model but also someone with a diversified and entrepreneurial mindset.

In conclusion, Keke Lindgard’s journey from the shores of Kaaawa, Hawaii, to the international runways is a testament to her talent, determination, and versatility. As she continues to make waves in the fashion industry, Lindgard’s interests beyond the runway demonstrate her ability to navigate and excel in diverse fields, making her a compelling figure in both the world of fashion and business.

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