Exploring 10 Alternative Nail Trends That Break Away from the Pink-dominated Barbiecore Style

The Barbie movie has been out for a few weeks now, which means the Barbiecore aesthetic has been invading every corner of our lives for months. From our nails and clothes to our beauty products and the cast’s unbelievable hot pink press tour, it feels like everything has been Barbie-fied. While it’s certainly been fun, I’ve personally had enough hot pink to last a lifetime.

If you’re still loving summery, hot pink manicures, then I love that for you. But I’m a tired Barbie, and I’m ready for something new. So if you, like me, have been burnt out by Barbiecore and are searching for inspiration in a (plastic) sea of pink, I’ve got you covered. Ahead, find 10 anything-but-Barbie-inspired nail ideas for those ready to bid the summer of Barbie adieu.

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