Aura Nails 2023: Learn All about the Beautiful, yet Mystical Manicure Trend and Find Amazing Ideas!

Trends in fashion change constantly and almost imperceptibly. 2023 is the year we witness an incredibly beautiful, yet somewhat mystical manicure trend that captivates more and more young girls. We are talking about the so-called “aura nails”. They depict an energetic power that one radiates by combining several iridescent colors which looks amazing. If you want to know more about this extraordinary trend, keep reading!

You will not find the concept of aura in scientific works. In fact, for most people it is a term not quite understood. According to Eastern religions, it is an invisible energy sheath (or bio-field) that surrounds a person. However, those who claim to be able to see it say that each person’s aura has its own color that can tell us a lot about them. In addition, the color of the aura can change depending on one’s moods at any given time. It can also be monotone or combine several colors, each of which means something different.

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