30+ Metallic and Chrome Nail Ideas That Stand Out This Transitional Season

Chrome nails have recently become popular among celebrities like Zendaya, Beyonce, and Rihanna. When the effect first became available, it was scarce and expensive. Now that chrome powders are lower in price and readily available, the trend has made its way to the general public.

Metallic nails are achieved using deeply pearlized metallic paints, like the pearly, fine glittery effect of classic gold, silver, or bronze color paint. Pearly metallic finishes are available in any color.

A holographic finish offers less shine than chrome but is known for its signature rainbow ombre color effect.

Chrome is generally monochromatic and offers a high-shine mirror finish. The final result is uniform molten metal-like, without visible glitter, foil, or pearlized particles.

Apply gel color as usual, curing under LED light between coats. Rub chrome powder into each nail BEFORE applying the gel top coat to seal in the high gloss. Cure nails under LED one final time. Holographic nails require the same process, except with holo powder instead of chrome powder.

Chrome powders are made up of fine particles of glass, metal, and colored pigment. Silver, not chrome, is encased between two layers of gel polish to create a tiny little mirror on your fingertip. This process “mirrors” the science behind every other mirror you’ve seen.

Chrome powder application will come with an additional charge added to the base cost of your nail service. Expect to pay between $3 to $20 additional, depending on the nail tech and where you live.

Chrome gel color lasts as long as a standard gel color manicure, from 1-2 weeks.

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