20 Cool Summer Nail Art Designs For Beginners

Summer has gone by, telling us that it’s time to say farewell to hectic pool parties, to lying on the beach under the bright sunshine, and of course, to colorful, rainbow nail designs. Then, what is waiting for us ahead? Autumn! If summer is the time for trying out all the most colorful, playful nail designs, then autumn is surely the moment for you to go for something tender, soother, and serener, something that gives off more of an “autumn vibe”.

Besides that, after the closing down of massive nail salons and the introduction of quarantine orders due to the covid-19 pandemic in the past few years, heading to the nearest nail salon in town can even seem challenging now. That’s why it’s high time you rolled up your sleeves, and got to decorate your nails with multiple creative ideas on your own!

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