10 Simple Designs for Nail Art You Can Make at Home

Forget what Pinterest and YouTube tutorials have tried to convince you because finding easy nail designs to recreate at home is not, in fact, that easy. Swiping on a singular shade of polish without getting it all over one’s cuticles, let alone free-handing any sort of nail-art design, is certainly a struggle that the average person has endured at one time or another. And that’s a big bummer when you get a big kick out of having elaborate nails. We sure love a trip to the nail salon as much as the next person, but even one monthly manicure with the added cost of nail art can certainly wreak havoc on most people’s budgets.

Painting your own nails at home may seem next to impossible, but luckily, there are some nail designs out there that pretty much anyone can nail (see what we did there?) sans years of experience and training. That said, we went scouring the Internet to find 14 of the easiest nail designs brought into existence and decided to put them all in one place. Keep scrolling to find a plethora of easy nail designs that make the prospects of at-home nail art feel a lot less scary.

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